a young man who wrangles cougars at the local watering hole.
look at that guy trying to pick up that milf over there, he must be a corbett.
the act of going downtown on a woman while holding her thighs against your ears so that when she has an -rg-sm her legs shake uncontrolably against your head. this is the foolproof way to tell if a woman is having an -rg-sm.
man, i know she wasn’t faking it! i gave her the corbett!
a unit of measurement of martial prowess. a single corbett being the equivalent of one ‘ronnie corbett’ (obe and diminutive comedian) defeated in unarmed combat to the death. subsequent corbetts are presumed to be attacking in concert. ie if a man was rated six corbetts, he would be able to defeat six ronnie corbetts simultaneously.
don’t mess with that guy, he’ll f-cking destroy you, he must be about fify corbetts.


check out that guy, what a chump, he’s barely half a f-cking corbett!
when you cut -ss so bad that you could clear out a bar. this type of fart may require a gas mask for survival
“guys, walk that way, i just dropped a corbett over there!”
a suffix used when you know someone who, for years seems to be a cool guy, but then turns out to be a huge douchebag that you wanna punch repeatedly
oh gawd dude dylan corbett is one of the biggest f-gs i know, he is such a chode.

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