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the act of or state of being .
moral perversion; depravity.
perversion of integrity.
or dishonest proceedings.
debasement or alteration, as of language or a text.
a debased form of a word.
putrefactive decay; rottenness.
any influence or agency.
Contemporary Examples

With every massacre, every national strike, every corruption scandal, we were found wanting, not least by ourselves.
Mandela: The Last Good Man Mark Gevisser December 4, 2013

Everyone knows the face of a woman is a source of corruption for men.
Judith Regan: Todd Akin and Republican Men’s World of Unicorns, True Love—and No Rape Judith Regan August 21, 2012

Torabi put equal blame on international aid and military organizations for fuelling the cycle of corruption.
Afghanistan’s Cycle of Corruption Mujib Mashal May 15, 2013

Unfortunately, he said these things just before he was forced to leave under a cloud of corruption.
The Only Hope for Mideast Peace Eric Alterman March 9, 2010

Silvio Berlusconi is back in Italian headlines, but not for his peccadilloes or corruption trials.
Silvio Berlusconi, Comeback Kid? Italy’s Ex-P.M. Leverages Euro Crisis Barbie Latza Nadeau June 29, 2012

Historical Examples

There shall then be no corruption, which is the only evil thing about the body.
The City of God, Volume II Aurelius Augustine

His children are shadows—their life a dance, a sickness, a corruption.
A Dish Of Orts George MacDonald

Moreover, corruption by bribes is not always the most effective kind.
History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I Myers Gustavus

It is the idleness, luxury and corruption of large cities which cause it to degenerate.
The Sexual Question August Forel

It would have been the largest fund of corruption ever known in the world.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 58, No. 362, December 1845 Various

the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt
moral perversion; depravity
dishonesty, esp bribery
putrefaction or decay
alteration, as of a manuscript
an altered form of a word

mid-14c., of material things, especially dead bodies, also of the soul, morals, etc., from Latin corruptionem (nominative corruptio), noun of action from past participle stem of corrumpere (see corrupt). Of public offices from early 15c.; of language from late 15c.


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