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a man who makes and fits corsets


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  • Corsetiere

    [kawr-si-teer] /ˌkɔr sɪˈtɪər/ noun 1. a person who specializes in making, fitting, or selling corsets, brassieres, or other foundation garments. /ˌkɔːsɛtɪˈɛə; kɔːˌsɛt-/ noun 1. a woman who makes and fits corsets

  • Corsetry

    /ˈkɔːsɪtrɪ/ noun 1. the making of or dealing in corsets 2. corsets considered collectively

  • Corsey

    /ˈkɔːsɪ/ noun 1. (Northern English, dialect) a pavement or pathway

  • Corsica

    [kawr-si-kuh] /ˈkɔr sɪ kə/ noun 1. an island in the Mediterranean, SE of and forming a department of France. 3367 sq. mi. (8720 sq. km). Capital: Ajaccio. /ˈkɔːsɪkə/ noun 1. an island in the Mediterranean, west of N Italy: forms, with 43 islets, a region of France; mountainous; settled by Greeks in about 560 bc; […]

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