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[kawr-si-kuh] /ˈkɔr sɪ kə/

an island in the Mediterranean, SE of and forming a department of France. 3367 sq. mi. (8720 sq. km).
Capital: Ajaccio.
of or relating to Corsica or its inhabitants
a native or inhabitant of Corsica
an island in the Mediterranean, west of N Italy: forms, with 43 islets, a region of France; mountainous; settled by Greeks in about 560 bc; sold by Genoa to France in 1768. Capital: Ajaccio. Pop: 265 999 (2003 est). Area: 8682 sq km (3367 sq miles) French name Corse

Island in the Mediterranean Sea; part of France, lying southeast of the French mainland, north of Sardinia, and west of Italy.

Note: Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.


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