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[kos-tl-oh, ko-stel-oh] /ˈkɒs tlˌoʊ, kɒˈstɛl oʊ/

John Aloysius
[al-oh-ish-uh s,, -ee-uh s] /ˌæl oʊˈɪʃ əs,, -i əs/ (Show IPA), 1891–1976, Irish political leader: prime minister of the Republic of Ireland 1948–51, 1954–57.
Lou (Louis Francis Cristillo) 1906–59, U.S. actor, half of the comedy team of Abbott and Costello.
Elvis, real name Declan McManus. born 1954, British rock singer and songwriter. His recordings include This Year’s Model (1978), “Oliver’s Army” (1979), Spike (1989), Brutal Youth (1994), and When I Was Cruel (2003)


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