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a fire kept burning continually during a council of American Indians.


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  • Councillor

    [koun-suh-ler, -sler] /ˈkaʊn sə lər, -slər/ noun 1. . [koun-suh-ler, -sler] /ˈkaʊn sə lər, -slər/ noun 1. a member of a council. 2. . /ˈkaʊnsələ/ noun 1. a member of a council /ˈkaʊnsələ/ noun 1. a variant US spelling of councillor 2. an archaic spelling of counsellor n. late 14c., alteration of counsellor by assimilation […]

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    [koun-suh l-muh n] /ˈkaʊn səl mən/ noun, plural councilmen. 1. a member of a , especially the local legislative body of a city. /ˈkaʊnsəlmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. (mainly US) a member of a council, esp of a town or city; councillor

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    [koun-suh l man-uh-jer] /ˈkaʊn səl ˈmæn ə dʒər/ noun 1. a system of municipal government in which the administrative powers of the city are entrusted to a manager selected by the city council. noun 1. (in the US) a system of local government with an elected legislative council and an appointed administrative manager See also […]

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    Councilman body Coun·cil·man body (koun’səl-mən) n. An eosinophilic globule seen in the liver in yellow fever and derived from necrosis of a single hepatic cell.

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