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[kuhn-tree-bred] /ˈkʌn triˈbrɛd/

raised or bred in the country.


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  • Country-club

    noun 1. a club, usually in a suburban district, with a clubhouse and grounds, offering various social activities and generally having facilities for tennis, golf, swimming, etc. noun 1. a club in the country, having sporting and social facilities modifier Characteristic of the wealthy: Tax cheating is a country-club crime, like insider trading [1890s+; The […]

  • Country-cousin

    noun 1. a person from the country or from a small town, to whom the sights and activities of a large city are novel and bewildering. noun 1. an unsophisticated person from the country, esp one regarded as an object of amusement noun phrase A distant though related person or thing: This was country cousin […]

  • Country-dance

    [kuhn-tree-dans, -dahns] /ˈkʌn triˌdæns, -ˌdɑns/ noun 1. a dance of rural English origin in which the dancers form circles or squares or in which they face each other in two rows.

  • Country-fever

    noun, Older Use. 1. .

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