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a general store, especially in a rural or resort area.


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  • Countrywide

    [kuhn-tree-wahyd] /ˈkʌn triˈwaɪd/ adjective 1. extending across or throughout the whole ; nationwide: a countrywide reaction; a countrywide highway system.

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    [kount-ship] /ˈkaʊnt ʃɪp/ noun 1. the rank or position of a . 2. the territory or jurisdiction of a count.

  • Countrywoman

    [kuhn-tree-woo m-uh n] /ˈkʌn triˌwʊm ən/ noun, plural countrywomen. 1. a who is a native or inhabitant of one’s own . 2. a who lives in the .

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    Calm down, get hold of oneself. For example, Before you tell him what you think of him, count to ten. Often used as an imperative, this phrase in effect means that if one takes the time to count from one to ten one can regain one’s composure.

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