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[koun-tee] /ˈkaʊn ti/

noun, plural counties.
the largest administrative division of a U.S. state:
Miami, Florida, is in Dade County.
one of the chief administrative divisions of a country or state, as in Great Britain and Ireland.
one of the larger divisions for purposes of local administration, as in Canada and New Zealand.
the territory of a county, especially its rural areas:
We farmed out in the county before moving to town.
the inhabitants of a county:
It was supposed to be a secret, but you told the whole county.
the domain of a or earl.
[koun-tee] /ˈkaʊn ti/
noun, Obsolete.
2 .
noun (pl) -ties

(NZ) an electoral division in a rural area
(obsolete) the lands under the jurisdiction of a count or earl
(Brit, informal) having the characteristics and habits of the inhabitants of country houses and estates, esp an upper-class accent and an interest in horses, dogs, etc

c.1300, from Anglo-French counte, from Late Latin comitatus “jurisdiction of a count,” from Latin comes (see count (n.)); replaced Old English scir “shire.”


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