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André Frédéric [ahn-drey frey-dey-reek] /ɑ̃ˈdreɪ freɪ deɪˈrik/ (Show IPA), 1895–1988, U.S. physiologist, born in France: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1956.
Historical Examples

Cournand actually wrote a poem in four cantos on style itself and its various species.
Main Currents in Nineteenth Century Literature, Vol. III (of 6) The Reaction in France Georg Brandes

André (Frederic). 1895–1988, US physician, born in France: shared the 1956 Nobel prize for physiology or medicine for his work on heart catheterization

Cournand Cour·nand (kur’nānd, -nənd, kōōr-näɴ’), André Frédéric. 1895-1988.

French-born American physician. He shared a 1956 Nobel Prize for developing cardiac catheterization.


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