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André Ernest Modeste
[ahn-drey er-nest maw-dest] /ɑ̃ˈdreɪ ɛrˈnɛst mɔˈdɛst/ (Show IPA), 1741–1813, French operatic composer.
Historical Examples

It is to set self-conscious philosophy singing and dancing, like the young gretry, to the tune of a waterfall.
Theodore Watts-Dunton James Douglas

“The price broke to a dollar and twenty yesterday,” said gretry.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol VI. Various

I just met gretry’s statue on the stairs; he had enough and fled.
My Recollections Jules Massenet

A great deal of the poetry set to music by gretry is by Marmontel.
Memoirs Of The Court Of Marie Antoinette, Queen Of France, Complete Madame Campan

It was then that he told gretry he was going to buy in the July crops.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol VI. Various

Hitherto he had been a bear; now, after the talk with gretry, he had secretly “turned bull” with the suddenness of a strategist.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol VI. Various


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