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[kuhv-uh n-tree, kov-] /ˈkʌv ən tri, ˈkɒv-/

a city in West Midlands, in central England: heavily bombed 1940; cathedral.
a town in central Rhode Island.
send to Coventry, to refuse to associate with; openly and pointedly ignore:
His friends sent him to Coventry after he was court-martialed.
a city in central England, in Coventry unitary authority, West Midlands: devastated in World War II; modern cathedral (1954–62); industrial centre, esp for motor vehicles; two universities (1965, 1992). Pop: 303 475 (2001)
a unitary authority in central England, in West Midlands. Pop: 305 000 (2003 est). Area: 97 sq km (37 sq miles)
send to Coventry, to ostracize or ignore

city in Warwickshire, Old English Couentre (1043) “Cofa’s tree,” from Old English masc. personal name Cofa (genitive Cofan) + tree (n.). Probably a boundary marker or public assembly place.


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