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Disgusting; nasty; wretched; crappy: Clover said they were crapoid for thinking that

[1970s+; fr crap plus the suffix -oid, which became increasingly popular from the 1960s]


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  • Crapola

    [kra-poh-luh] /kræˈpoʊ lə/ noun, Slang. 1. 1 (def 2). /kræˈpəʊlə/ noun 1. (informal) rubbish; nonsense modifier : the latest trends in crapola entertainment noun Lies and exaggeration; bullshit: odious even by the usual standards of feminist crapola/ grinding out the old heartfelt crapola (1950s+) [fr crap plus suffix -ola]

  • Crap-out

    [krap] /kræp/ noun 1. (in craps) a losing throw, in which the total on the two dice is 2, 3, or 12. 2. . Verb phrases, past and past participle crapped, present participle crapping. 3. crap out, /kræp/ noun 1. a losing throw in the game of craps 2. another name for craps /kræp/ noun […]

  • Crapped

    [krap] /kræp/ noun 1. Vulgar. 2. Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. 3. refuse; rubbish; junk; litter: Will you clean up that crap! verb (used without object), crapped, crapping. 4. Vulgar. to defecate. verb (used with object), crapped, crapping. 5. Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. to talk nonsense to; attempt to deceive. Verb phrases 6. crap around, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. […]

  • Crapper

    [krap-er] /ˈkræp ər/ noun, Slang: Vulgar. 1. a toilet. 2. a bathroom. noun [fr crap]

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