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Slang. a place to sleep or live temporarily and at no cost.
padding inside cars, tanks, or the like, for protecting passengers in the event of an accident, sudden stop, etc.
(slang) a place to sleep or live temporarily

noun phrase

A place to sleep or live for a day or so, esp for young people traveling about more or less aimlessly and with little money: discouraging intinerant filmmakers, homeless poets, and hangers-on of all kinds from using the room as a crash pad (1960s+ Counterculture)
A free, temporary lodging place, as in The company maintains several crash pads for employees from out-of-town divisions. This expression originally referred to a place affording runaways, drug addicts, and the like somewhere to crash in the sense of “sleep.” In time it also was used more broadly, as in the example. [ ; 1960s ]


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