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Critical path analysis

a technique for planning complex projects by analysing alternative systems with reference to the critical path, which is the sequence of stages requiring the longest time Compare programme evaluation and review technique


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  • Critical-point

    noun 1. Physics. the point at which a substance in one phase, as the liquid, has the same density, pressure, and temperature as in another phase, as the gaseous. 2. Mathematics. noun 1. (physics) 2. (maths) the US name for stationary point critical point

  • Critical-pressure

    noun, Physics. 1. the pressure of a pure element or compound at a critical point. noun 1. the pressure of a gas or the saturated vapour pressure of a substance in its critical state critical pressure The pressure of a substance at its critical point.

  • Critical-ratio

    noun, Statistics. 1. a ratio associated with the probability of a sample, usually the ratio of the deviation from the mean to the standard deviation.

  • Critical-region

    noun, Statistics. 1. the rejection region for the null hypothesis in the testing of a hypothesis. noun 1. that part of a statistical distribution in which the probability of a given hypothesis is less than the chosen significance level, so that the hypothesis would be rejected

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