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[kroh-shey; British kroh-shey, -shee] /kroʊˈʃeɪ; British ˈkroʊ ʃeɪ, -ʃi/

needlework done with a needle having a small hook at one end for drawing the thread or yarn through intertwined loops.
verb (used with or without object), crocheted
[kroh-sheyd; British kroh-sheyd, -sheed] /kroʊˈʃeɪd; British ˈkroʊ ʃeɪd, -ʃid/ (Show IPA), crocheting
[kroh-shey-ing; British kroh-shey-ing, -shee-ing] /kroʊˈʃeɪ ɪŋ; British ˈkroʊ ʃeɪ ɪŋ, -ʃi ɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to form by crochet.
/ˈkrəʊʃeɪ; -ʃɪ/
verb -chets (-ʃeɪz; -ʃɪz), -cheting (-ʃeɪɪŋ; -ʃɪɪŋ), -cheted (-ʃeɪd; -ʃɪd)
to make (a piece of needlework, a garment, etc) by looping and intertwining thread with a hooked needle (crochet hook)
work made by crocheting
(architect) another name for crocket
(zoology) a hooklike structure of insect larvae that aids locomotion

1840, from French crochet (12c.), diminutive of croc “hook,” from Old Norse krokr “hook” (see crook). So called for the hooked needle used.

1858, from crochet (n.). Related: Crocheted; crocheting.


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