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[krouch] /kraʊtʃ/

verb (used without object)
to stoop or bend low.
to bend close to the ground, as an animal preparing to spring or shrinking with fear.
to bow or stoop servilely; cringe.
verb (used with object)
to bend low.
the act of crouching.
(intransitive) to bend low with the limbs pulled up close together, esp (of an animal) in readiness to pounce
(intransitive) to cringe, as in humility or fear
(transitive) to bend (parts of the body), as in humility or fear
the act of stooping or bending

late 14c., probably from Old French crochir “become bent, crooked,” from croche “hook” (see crochet). Related: Crouched; crouching. As a noun, from 1590s.


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