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Also, British, kerb. a rim, especially of joined stones or concrete, along a street or roadway, forming an edge for a sidewalk.
anything that restrains or controls; a restraint; check.
an enclosing framework or border.
Also called curb bit. a bit used with a bridoon for control of a horse, to which a chain (curb chain) is hooked.
Also called curb market; British, kerb market, kerbstone market. a market, originally on the sidewalk or street, for the sale of securities not listed on a stock exchange.
Compare American Stock Exchange.
the framework around the top of a well.
the arris between an upper and a lower slope on a gambrel or mansard roof.
a belt of metal, masonry, etc., for abutting a dome at its base.
(in a windmill) the track on which the cap turns.
Veterinary Pathology. a swelling on the lower part of the back of the hock of a horse, often causing lameness.
Engineering. the cutting edge at the bottom of a caisson.
Carpentry. purlin plate.
verb (used with object)
to control as with a curb; restrain; check.
to cause to keep near the curb:
Curb your dog.
Also, British, kerb. to furnish with or protect by a curb.
to put a curb on (a horse).
something that restrains or holds back
any enclosing framework, such as a wall of stones around the top of a well

Also called curb bit. a horse’s bit with an attached chain or strap, which checks the horse
Also called curb chain. the chain or strap itself

a hard swelling on the hock of a horse
verb (transitive)
to control with or as if with a curb; restrain
(vet science) a swelling on the leg of a horse, below the point of the hock, usually caused by a sprain


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