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the place where some action or event occurs:
He returned to the scene of the murder.
any view or picture.
an incident or situation in real life.
an embarrassing outbreak or display of anger, strong feeling, or bad manners:
Please don’t make a scene in such a public place.
a division of a play or of an act of a play, usually representing what passes between certain of the actors in one place.
a unit of action or a segment of a story in a play, motion picture, or television show.
the place in which the action of a play or part of a play is supposed to occur.
scenery (def 2).

an episode, situation, or the like, as in a narrative.
the setting or locale of a story.

the stage, especially of an ancient Greek or Roman theater.
an area or sphere of activity, current interest, etc.:
the rock music scene; the fashion scene.
behind the scenes, in secret or in private.
make the scene, Slang. to appear in a particular place or engage in a particular activity:
Let’s make the scene downtown tonight. She was never one to make the drug scene.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Frozen Pirate W. Clark Russell
Harriet, The Moses of Her People Sarah H. Bradford
The Huntress Hulbert Footner
Viviette William J. Locke
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine – Volume 54, No. 338, December 1843 Various

the place where an action or event, real or imaginary, occurs
the setting for the action of a play, novel, etc
an incident or situation, real or imaginary, esp as described or represented

a subdivision of an act of a play, in which the time is continuous and the setting fixed
a single event, esp a significant one, in a play

(films) a shot or series of shots that constitutes a unit of the action
the backcloths, stage setting, etc, for a play or film set; scenery
the prospect of a place, landscape, etc
a display of emotion, esp an embarrassing one to the onlookers
(informal) the environment for a specific activity: the fashion scene
(informal) interest or chosen occupation: classical music is not my scene
(rare) the stage, esp of a theatre in ancient Greece or Rome
behind the scenes, out of public view; privately

The setting or milieu of a specific activity or group; specialized venue: the rock ”scene”/ It is really quite difficult to understand their scene
One’s particular preference, activity, etc; bag, thing: I mean that’s not my own scene or anything (1960s+ Counterculture)


behind the scenes
make a scene
make the scene
on the scene
set the scene for


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