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Saint (“Apostle of the Slavs”) a.d. 827–869, Greek missionary to the Moravians.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Charles played saxophone, and Cyril, the youngest, played congas and sang like no tomorrow.
The Cradle of Jazz, Blues and Gospel Endlessly Rocking Jason Berry April 24, 2014

While the hat is the kind Uncle Jolly used to wear, it also covers up Cyril’s ever expanding bald spot.
The Stacks: The Neville Brothers Stake Their Claim as Bards of the Bayou John Ed Bradley April 26, 2014

Famed pathologist Cyril Wecht on how to handle the dead, and the morbid challenge the country faces.
Haiti’s Grisly Problem Cyril Wecht January 18, 2010

I have been in his room less than three minutes when Cyril commences what will be a two-hour-long history lesson.
The Stacks: The Neville Brothers Stake Their Claim as Bards of the Bayou John Ed Bradley April 26, 2014

Bildhauer describes a new translation by Cyril Edwards as the most faithful to date.
The Best of Brit Lit Peter Stothard June 10, 2010

Historical Examples

She swayed a little and would have fallen if Cyril had not caught her.
Who? Elizabeth Kent

In the banana grove Cyril fled from tree to tree, crying dismally.
An Australian Lassie Lilian Turner

On catching sight of each other Cyril and Anita had both halted simultaneously.
Who? Elizabeth Kent

Cyril hung his crimson face and kicked the ground with the toe of his boot.
An Australian Lassie Lilian Turner

“It is for Cyril I plead, and for Cecilia,” she says, after a strange pause.
Airy Fairy Lilian Margaret Wolfe Hamilton (AKA Duchess)

Saint. ?827–869 ad, Greek Christian theologian, missionary to the Moravians and inventor of the Cyrillic alphabet; he and his brother Saint Methodius were called the Apostles of the Slavs. Feast day: Feb 14 or May 11


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