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David baltimore

David, born 1938, U.S. microbiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1975.
Lord, Calvert, Sir George.
a seaport in N Maryland, on an estuary near the Chesapeake Bay.
a port in N Maryland, on Chesapeake Bay. Pop: Pop: 628 670 (2003 est)
David. born 1938, US molecular biologist: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1975) for his discovery of reverse transcriptase
Lord. See Calvert (sense 1)

city in Maryland, U.S., founded 1729, named for Cecilius Calvert (1605-1675), 2nd baron Baltimore, who held the charter for Maryland colony; from a small port town in southern Ireland where the family had its seat, from Irish Baile na Tighe Mor, literally “townland of the big house.” In old baseball slang, a Baltimore chop was a hit right in front of the plate that bounced high.

Baltimore Bal·ti·more (bôl’tə-môr’), David. Born 1938.

American microbiologist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the interaction of tumor viruses and genetic material.
American microbiologist who discovered the enzyme reverse transcriptase, which is capable of passing information from RNA to DNA. Prior to this discovery, it was assumed that information could flow only from DNA to RNA. He won a 1975 Nobel Prize for his research into the connection between viruses and cancer.

Largest city in Maryland.

Note: Named after Lord Baltimore, founder of the colony of Maryland. The city is a major industrial center and port.


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