Alfred, 1856–1919, Australian statesman: prime minister 1903–04; 1905–08; 1909–10.
Historical Examples

I tole em haow it couldn’t be so, caze ye wuz a Deakin, an hed family prayers, and could pray mos’ ez long ez parson.
The Duke of Stockbridge Edward Bellamy

Pa said the Deakin better run his own idols, and Pa would run his.
Peck’s Bad Boy and His Pa George W. Peck

That specticle of the Deakin cost me consid’able, but it was more’n wuth it.
David Harum Edward Noyes Westcott

The most and worst Bennet was guilty of, Deakin contended, was manslaughter.
The Mystery of Lincoln’s Inn Robert Machray

And back Deakin went to York, and acquainted Bennet with what he had learned.
The Mystery of Lincoln’s Inn Robert Machray

No; but Deakin, the local solicitor, has arranged for me to see him on Tuesday next.
The Mystery of Lincoln’s Inn Robert Machray

Then at Deakin’s, inquire for the modelled head of a gentleman who was not long ago executed in Tokio.
From Sea to Sea Rudyard Kipling

“I should say not,” replied Deakin, without a moment’s hesitation.
The Mystery of Lincoln’s Inn Robert Machray

He knew it was something, because Mr. Deakin was so excited and so breathless.
The Amazing Inheritance Frances R. Sterrett

Mrs. Deakin (to Jean), let me introduce you to your dear papa.
The Plays of W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson Robert Louis Stevenson

Alfred. 1856–1919, Australian statesman. He was a leader of the movement for Australian federation; prime minister of Australia (1903–04; 1905–08; 1909–10)

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