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Babette, 1895–1982, U.S. poet, novelist, and critic.
Historical Examples

In fact, I was getting to be considered “almost as all de same so goot ash Deutsch,” and very “bopular.”
Memoirs Charles Godfrey Leland

All this encouraged me to make another trial for the Deutsch prize.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

Among the thousands of letters which I received after winning the Deutsch prize there was one that gave me particular pleasure.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

The actual winning of the Deutsch prize had cost only a few litres of petroleum!
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

It was in August of 1901 that he made his first official trial for the Deutsch Prize.
Stories of Inventors Russell Doubleday

An epitome of results is also given by him in 12 Flugschrift d. Deutsch.
Problems of Genetics William Bateson

He could think of nothing to say but “Sprechen sie Deutsch,” to which the Teuton eagerly responded at the other end.
A Kut Prisoner H. C. W. Bishop

Jean ran to rouse Dr. Gilbert while Deutsch got his master to a couch.
The Royal Life Guard Alexander Dumas (pere)

Ein Englander, glaub’ich, und ein schnurriges Deutsch ist’s, das er verbricht!’
The Whirlpool George Gissing

This man begat three sons who became the fathers of the three Deutsch tribes.
The God-Idea of the Ancients Eliza Burt Gamble

Otto Erich (ˈɔto ˈeːrɪç). 1883–1967, Austrian music historian and art critic, noted for his catalogue of Schubert’s works (1951)

the German word for “German;” see Dutch.


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