a word referring to german people. it’s pr-nounced “doitch,” not “douche.”
slash: hey can you drop me off at the bank douche?
torch: wtf i see how it is. fine, go walk you douche.
slash: omfg i mean d-e-u-t-s-c-h.
torch: yeah, and deutsch you, too.
one who is very cool.
that deutsch over there is so cool!
not dutch!

deutsch ~ the german word for german.
as in “ich spreche deutsch” – “i speak german”.
“ich bin deutsch” – i am german.

dutch ~ english word refering to things or people from the netherlands.

“he’s dutch” – “he’s from the netherlands”
dutchman: kijk die duitser daar!(check that german over there!)
foreigner: dude, are you speaking deutsch?
dutchman: wtf! i’m dutch not deutsch!

german: …deutsch?! :d
foreigner: -confused-
a universal word to insult anyone.
did you see that guy what deutsch.
justin beiber is such a deutsch just look at his gy hair cut.

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