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[drahy-sawl-ter] /ˈdraɪˌsɔl tər/

noun, British.
a dealer in chemicals and dyes.
(obsolete) a dealer in certain chemical products, such as dyestuffs and gums, and in dried, tinned, or salted foods and edible oils


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  • Dry-salt

    [drahy-sawlt] /ˈdraɪˌsɔlt/ verb (used with object) 1. to cure or preserve (meat, hides, etc.) by drying and salting. verb 1. to preserve (food) by salting and removing moisture

  • Drysdale

    /ˈdraɪzdeɪl/ noun 1. Sir George Russell. 1912–81, Australian painter, esp of landscapes /ˈdraɪzdeɪl/ noun 1. a New Zealand breed of sheep with hair growing among its wool: bred for its coat which is used in making carpets

  • Dry-shod

    [drahy-shod] /ˈdraɪˌʃɒd/ adjective 1. having or keeping the shoes dry.

  • Dry-sink

    noun 1. a wooden kitchen sink, especially of the 19th century, not connected to an external water supply, with a shallow zinc- or tin-lined well on top in which a dishpan can be placed, and usually a cupboard below.

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