[ahl-brekht] /ˈɑl brɛxt/ (Show IPA), 1471–1528, German painter and engraver.
Contemporary Examples

Her work has an inspired completion and accuracy that recalls artists like durer or Vermeer.
Alice Munro, Cinderella Story Gish Jen October 11, 2013

Historical Examples

durer, deeply moved by the thought of the time, put its very essence into his works.
Great Artists, Vol 1. Jennie Ellis Keysor

Such a subject gave durer ample scope for the use of his imagination.
Great Artists, Vol 1. Jennie Ellis Keysor

This has to be looked upon, and in a more terrible shape than ever Salvator or durer saw it.
Modern Painters, Volume V (of 5) John Ruskin

In 1509 durer bought the durer-haus and took his aged mother to live with him there.
The Story of Nuremberg Cecil Headlam

“But that has been done already by an obscure artist by the name of durer,” said he.
The Works of Rudyard Kipling: One Volume Edition Rudyard Kipling

In this, as in the Schreyertomb, it is usual to trace the influence of durer on the sculptor.
The Story of Nuremberg Cecil Headlam

It could be called the design of an uncertain, primitive durer with an opium-steeped brain.
Against The Grain Joris-Karl Huysmans

When her face wore that expression, it had a look of durer’s “Melancolia.”
The Gadfly E. L. Voynich

Instead of going to some large publishing house, as we to-day do, durer had a press set up in his own house.
Great Artists, Vol 1. Jennie Ellis Keysor

Albrecht (ˈalbrɛçt). 1471–1528, German painter and engraver, regarded as the greatest artist of the German Renaissance and noted particularly as a draughtsman and for his copper engravings and woodcuts

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