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noun, Dialect.
a dust ball.


Read Also:

  • Dustoff

    [duhst-awf, -of] /ˈdʌstˌɔf, -ˌɒf/ noun, Military Slang. 1. (def 1).

  • Dustoor

    [duh-stoo r] /dəˈstʊər/ noun 1. . [duh-stoo r] /dəˈstʊər/ noun 1. a Parsee chief priest.

  • Dustpan

    [duhst-pan] /ˈdʌstˌpæn/ noun 1. a short-handled shovellike utensil into which is swept for removal. /ˈdʌstˌpæn/ noun 1. a short-handled hooded shovel into which dust is swept from floors, etc

  • Dustproof

    [duhst-proof] /ˈdʌstˌpruf/ adjective 1. impervious to or free of .

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