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Eat shit

verb phrase

Related Terms

take shit

verb phrase

Also, eat crap. Submit to degrading treatment, as in He refused to eat shit from the coach. James T. Farrell had the one term in Grandeur (1930), “They don’t eat nobody’s crap,” and Mario Puzo the other in Dark Arena (1955), “He’d eaten shit all week.” [ ; second half of 1800s ]


Read Also:

  • Eat someone alive

    Overwhelm or defeat someone thoroughly, make short work of someone. For example, Lacking experience in manufacturing, he was eaten alive by his competitors. This slangy hyperbole dates from the early 1900s. A newer slangy variant is eat someone’s lunch, dating from the mid-1900s. For example, It was a decisive victory; he ate the incumbent’s lunch.

  • Eat someone out

    verb phrase see: eat out , def. 2.

  • Eat someone up

    see: eat out , def. 2.

  • Eat the carpet

    verb phrase To be obsequious; truckle: ”Eat the carpet” is what endangered nominees do at confirmation hearings to make amends: They crawl (1990s+)

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