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[ee-duh m, ee-dam; Dutch ey-dahm] /ˈi dəm, ˈi dæm; Dutch eɪˈdɑm/

a mild, hard, yellow cheese, produced in a round shape and coated with red wax.
/ˈiːdæm; Dutch ˈeːdam/
a town in the NW Netherlands, in North Holland province, on the IJsselmeer: cheese, light manufacturing. Pop: 28 000 (2003 est; includes Volendam)
a hard round mild-tasting Dutch cheese, yellow in colour with a red outside covering

1836, cheese named for Edam, village in Holland where it was originally made. The place name is literally “the dam on the River Ye,” which flows into the Ijsselmeer there, and the river name is literally “river” (cf. ea).


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