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Edward thatch

[thach] /θætʃ/

Edward, .

anything resembling this, such as the hair of the head
Also called thatch palm. any of various palms with leaves suitable for thatching
to cover (a roof) with thatch

Old English þeccan “to cover,” related to þæc “roof, thatching material,” from Proto-Germanic *thakan (cf. Old Saxon thekkian, Old Norse þekja, Old Frisian thekka, Middle Dutch decken, Old High German decchen, German decken “to cover”), from PIE *(s)tog-/*(s)teg- “cover” (see stegosaurus).

Old English þæc “roof, thatch,” from the source of thatch (v.). Cf. Old Norse þak, Old Frisian thek, Middle Dutch dak “roof,” Old High German dah, German Dach “roof.”

noun phrase

A bump or hole in the road

Related Terms

wham-bam thank you ma’am

[1849+; because riders bounce up and down as if they were bowing thanks]


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