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trademark a gauze surgical dressing backed by adhesive tape


Read Also:

  • Elastorrhexis

    elastorrhexis e·las·tor·rhex·is (ĭ-lās’tə-rěk’sĭs) n. Fragmentation of elastic tissue in which the normal wavy strands appear shredded and clumped.

  • Elastosis

    elastosis e·las·to·sis (ĭ-lā-stō’sĭs, ē’lā-) n.

  • Elastosis colloidalis conglomerata

    elastosis colloidalis conglomerata elastosis col·loi·da·lis con·glom·er·a·ta (kŏl’oi-dā’lĭs kŏn’glō-bā’tə) n. See colloid acne.

  • Elastosis perforans serpiginosa

    elastosis perforans serpiginosa elastosis per·fo·rans ser·pig·i·no·sa (pûr’fə-rānz’ sər-pĭj’ə-nō’sə) n. A disorder of the connective tissue characterized by ring-shaped groups of asymptomatic keratotic papules; the epidermis is thickened around a central plug of keratin, overlying an accumulation of elastic tissue.

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