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noun, Physics.


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  • Electric-field-strength

    noun, Physics. 1. . noun, Physics. 1. the magnitude of an electric field at a point in the field, equal to the force that would be exerted on a small unit charge placed at the point.

  • Electric fire

    noun 1. a device that provides heat for a room from an incandescent electric element

  • Electric-flux

    noun 1. the lines of force that make up an electric field. noun 1. the product of the electric displacement and the area across which it is displaced in an electric field Ψ electric flux The electric flux density across a given cross-sectional area in an electric field.

  • Electric flux density

    noun 1. another name for electric displacement electric flux density A measure of the strength of an electric field generated by a free electric charge, corresponding to the number of electric lines of force passing through a given area. It is equal to the electric field strength multiplied by the permittivity of the material through […]

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