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Electrostatic force

electrostatic force
See Coulomb force.


Read Also:

  • Electrostatic-generator

    noun, Physics, Electricity. 1. . noun 1. any device for producing a high voltage by building up a charge of static electricity electrostatic generator Any of various devices, including the electrophorus, the Wimshurst machine, and especially the Van de Graaff generator, that generate or store high voltages by accumulating static electric charge.

  • Electrostatic-induction

    noun, Electricity. 1. the electrification of a conductor when placed near a charged body.

  • Electrostatic-precipitator

    noun 1. a device for removing small particles, as of smoke, dust, or oil, from a gas, as air, by passing the gas first through an electrically charged screen that gives a charge to the particles, then between two charged plates where the particles are attracted to one surface.

  • Electrostatic-printing

    noun 1. a printing or dry photocopying process, as xerography, in which images are reproduced using electrostatic charges and toner instead of ink and pressure.

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