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Endless loop

infinite loop


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  • Endlessness

    [end-lis] /ˈɛnd lɪs/ adjective 1. having or seeming to have no end, limit, or conclusion; boundless; infinite; interminable; incessant: an endless series of complaints; Time is endless. 2. made continuous, as by joining the two ends of a single length: an endless chain or belt. /ˈɛndlɪs/ adjective 1. having or seeming to have no end; […]

  • End-line

    noun, Sports. 1. a line at each end of a court or playing field at right angles to the sidelines that defines one of the lengthwise boundaries of the playing area. 2. a line at each end of a football field parallel to and 10 yards (9 meters) behind the goal line.

  • Endlong

    [end-lawng, -long] /ˈɛndˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ/ adverb, Archaic. 1. . /ˈɛndˌlɒŋ/ adverb 1. (archaic) lengthways or on end adv. Old English andlang “from end to end, lengthwise” (see along) with Middle English substitution of ende (see end (n.)) for first element. Meaning “at full length, horizontally” is from early 15c. In Middle English frequently paired with overthwart […]

  • End-man

    noun 1. a man at one end of a row or line. 2. a man at either end of the line of performers of a minstrel troupe, who plays on the bones or tambourine and carries on humorous dialogue with the interlocutor.

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