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full of or characterized by ; ardent:
He seems very enthusiastic about his role in the play.
Contemporary Examples

It will certainly not happen without the enthusiastic support of the Obama administration, and that is far from certain.
Mr. Brown Goes to Washington Andrew Neil March 1, 2009

Wisconsin Democrats were supposed to be enthusiastic about taking down Walker.
Scott Walker Dominates, Labor Falters in Wisconsin Recall Primary Ben Jacobs May 8, 2012

He insisted that far from being America’s poodle on this, he was an enthusiastic collaborator with Mr. Bush.
Tony Blair, Outcast Andrew Neil January 31, 2010

There was also no way Obama voters were as enthusiastic as Romney voters.
A Theory About Conservative Crapola Michael Tomasky November 6, 2012

Economists recently surveyed are enthusiastic about the job Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is doing.
Interview With Claudia Goldin Samuel P. Jacobs July 12, 2009

Historical Examples

Eilert Lovborg was one of her most enthusiastic protectors—in the days of his glory.
Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen

He was fond of hearing Grace’s enthusiastic views of things.
Grace Harlowe’s Return to Overton Campus Jessie Graham Flower

Refolding the sheets, he slipped them into an envelope with enthusiastic finality.
Mountain Clement Wood

Need I say that I drank in all this with enthusiastic relish, and became the most ardent of Whigs?
In the Valley Harold Frederic

The colonists are expecting a little show for their enthusiastic welcome.
The Space Pioneers Carey Rockwell

filled with or motivated by enthusiasm; fanatical; keen

c.1600, “pertaining to possession by a deity,” from Greek enthousiastikos “inspired,” from enthousiazein (see enthusiasm). Meaning “pertaining to irrational delusion in religion” is from 1690s. The main modern sense, in reference to feelings or persons, “intensely eager, rapturous,” is from late 18c. Related: Enthusiastically.


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