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[ih-ruhpt] /ɪˈrʌpt/

verb (used without object)
to burst forth:
Molten lava erupted from the top of the volcano.
Synonyms: vent.
(of a volcano, geyser, etc.) to eject matter.
to break out of a pent-up state, usually in a sudden and violent manner:
Words of anger erupted from her.
to break out in a skin rash:
Hives erupted all over his face and hands.
(of teeth) to grow through surrounding hard and soft tissues and become visible in the mouth.
verb (used with object)
to release violently; burst forth with:
She erupted angry words.
Synonyms: vent.
(of a volcano, geyser, etc.) to eject (matter).
to eject (steam, water, and volcanic material such as lava and ash) violently or (of volcanic material, etc) to be so ejected
(intransitive) (of a skin blemish) to appear on the skin; break out
(intransitive) (of a tooth) to emerge through the gum and become visible during the normal process of tooth development
(intransitive) to burst forth suddenly and violently, as from restraint: to erupt in anger

1650s, of diseases, etc., from Latin eruptus, past participle of erumpere “to break out, burst” (see eruption). Of volcanoes, from 1770. Related: Erupted; erupting.

erupt e·rupt (ĭ-rŭpt’)
v. e·rupt·ed, e·rupt·ing, e·rupts


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