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[eet-n] /ˈit n/

a town in Berkshire, in S England, on the Thames River, W of London: the site of .
a town in S England, in Windsor and Maidenhead unitary authority, Berkshire, near the River Thames: site of Eton College, a public school for boys founded in 1440. Pop: 3821 (2001 est)
this college

collar (1887), jacket (1881, formerly worn by the younger boys there), etc., from Eton College, public school for boys on the Thames opposite Windsor, founded by Henry VI. The place name is Old English ea “river” (see ea) + tun “farm, settlement.”


Read Also:

  • Eton-college

    noun 1. a preparatory school for boys in Eton, England, founded in 1440 by Henry VI.

  • Eton crop

    noun 1. a short mannish hairstyle worn by women in the 1920s

  • Etonian

    [ee-toh-nee-uh n] /iˈtoʊ ni ən/ noun 1. a person who is or has been a pupil at . adjective 2. of or relating to . /iːˈtəʊnɪən/ noun 1. a pupil of Eton College adjective 2. of or relating to Eton College

  • Eton-jacket

    noun 1. a boy’s black waist-length jacket with wide lapels and an open front, as worn by students at Eton College. 2. a similar short jacket worn by women. noun 1. a waist-length jacket with a V-shaped back, open in front, formerly worn by pupils of Eton College

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