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[yoo-roh-pee-uh m, yuh-] /yʊˈroʊ pi əm, yə-/

noun, Chemistry.
a rare-earth metallic element whose salts are light pink. Symbol: Eu; atomic weight: 151.96; atomic number: 63.
a soft ductile reactive silvery-white element of the lanthanide series of metals: used as the red phosphor in colour television and in lasers. Symbol: Eu; atomic no: 63; atomic wt: 151.965; valency: 2 or 3; relative density: 5.244; melting pt: 822°C; boiling pt: 1527°C

rare earth element, 1901, named by its discoverer, French chemist Eugène Demarçay (1852-1903) in 1896, from Europe + -ium.

europium eu·ro·pi·um (yu-rō’pē-əm)
Symbol Eu
A rare-earth element used as a neutron absorber in nuclear research. Atomic number 63; atomic weight 151.96; melting point 822°C; boiling point 1,596°C; specific gravity 5.244; valence 2, 3.
Symbol Eu
A very rare, silvery-white metallic element that is the softest member of the lanthanide series. It is used in making color television tubes and lasers and as a neutron absorber in nuclear research. Atomic number 63; atomic weight 151.96; melting point 826°C; boiling point 1,439°C; specific gravity 5.259; valence 2, 3. See Periodic Table.


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