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Every nook and cranny

see: nook and cranny


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  • Everyone

    [ev-ree-wuhn, -wuh n] /ˈɛv riˌwʌn, -wən/ pronoun 1. every person; everybody. /ˈɛvrɪˌwʌn; -wən/ pronoun 1. every person; everybody n. c.1200, from every + one. see entries under every man.

  • Every one

    pronoun 1. each person or thing in a group, without exception: every one of the large cats is a fast runner

  • Everyplace

    [ev-ree-pleys] /ˈɛv riˌpleɪs/ adverb 1. . /ˈɛvrɪˌpleɪs/ adverb 1. (US) an informal word for everywhere

  • Every single one

    see: each and every

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