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Executive decision


a decision made and implemented by a person in power or of authority, esp. one without the agreement of others


Read Also:

  • Executive director

    noun 1. a member of the board of directors of a company who is also an employee (usually full-time) of that company and who often has a specified area of responsibility, such as finance or production Compare nonexecutive director

  • Executively

    [ig-zek-yuh-tiv] /ɪgˈzɛk yə tɪv/ noun 1. a person or group of persons having administrative or supervisory authority in an organization. 2. the person or persons in whom the supreme executive power of a government is vested. 3. the executive branch of a government. adjective 4. of, relating to, or suited for carrying out plans, duties, […]

  • Executive-mansion

    noun 1. the official residence of the governor of a U.S. state. 2. (def 1).

  • Executive-office-of-the-president

    noun, U.S. Government. 1. a group of federal agencies supervised by directors or staffs that work directly with the president or a presidential assistant.

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