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the officer second in command of a military or naval organization.
an officer charged with executive duties, as in a corporation.
the second-in-command of any of certain military units (US) XO
a specialist seaman officer, responsible under the captain for the routine efficient running of the ship in the US, British (formerly), and certain other navies


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  • Executive-order

    noun, (often initial capital letters) 1. an order having the force of law issued by the president of the U.S. to the army, navy, or other part of the executive branch of the government.

  • Executive-park

    noun 1. . noun 1. a commercial complex consisting of an office building set in parklike surroundings, often with such facilities as parking lots, restaurants, and recreational areas.

  • Executive-privilege

    noun 1. the discretionary right claimed by certain U.S. presidents to withhold information from Congress or the judiciary.

  • Executive-secretary

    noun 1. a secretary with independent administrative responsibilities who assists an executive in a business firm. 2. an official who directs the business operations of an organization, especially a nonprofit one.

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