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noun, Pathology.
[tik doo-luh-roo; French teek doo-loo-rœ] /ˈtɪk ˌdu ləˈru; French tik du luˈrœ/
noun, Pathology.
paroxysmal darting pain and muscular twitching in the face, evoked by rubbing certain points of the face.
/ˈtɪk ˌduːləˈruː/
a condition of momentary stabbing pain along the trigeminal nerve Also called trigeminal neuralgia

1800, French, literally “painful twitching;” see tic.

tic douloureux tic dou·lou·reux (dōō’lə-rōō’)
See trigeminal neuralgia.


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  • Facial palsy

    facial palsy n. Unilateral paralysis of the facial muscles supplied by the facial nerve. Also called Bell’s palsy, facial paralysis, facioplegia, prosopoplegia.

  • Facial profiling

    noun the practice of photographing or scanning a human face to allow future identification based on unique facial characteristics Examples They are hoping facial profiling can be used for identifying criminals.

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  • Facial tic

    facial tic n. Involuntary spasmodic movement of the facial muscles. Also called facial spasm, prosopospasm.

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