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[fair-spoh-kuh n] /ˈfɛərˈspoʊ kən/

speaking or spoken in a courteous, civil, or plausible manner; smooth-spoken.
civil, courteous, or elegant in speech


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  • Fair-territory

    noun, Baseball. 1. the area beginning with and including home plate and extending between and including foul lines into which a batter must bat the ball as a prerequisite for a safe hit.

  • Fair-trade

    [fair-treyd] /ˈfɛərˈtreɪd/ (formerly) verb (used with object), fair-traded, fair-trading. 1. to sell (a commodity) under a . verb (used without object), fair-traded, fair-trading. 2. to sell a commodity under a . adjective 3. subject to or resulting from a : fair-trade items; fair-trade prices. noun 1. trade carried on under a fair-trade agreement. noun 1.

  • Fair-trade agreement

    noun 1. an agreement or contract between a manufacturer and a retailer to sell a branded or trademarked product at no less than a specific price: legally prohibited after 1975.

  • Fair-trade law

    noun 1. a state or federal law authorizing fair-trade agreements: repealed 1975.

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