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at or to a great distance; a long way off; at or to a remote point:
We sailed far ahead of the fleet.
at or to a remote or advanced time:
We talked far into the night.
at or to a great, advanced, or definite point of progress, or degree:
Having come this far, we might as well continue.
much or many:
I need far more time. We gained far more advantages.
being at a great distance; remote in time or place:
a far country; the far future.
extending to a great distance:
the far frontiers of empire.
more distant of the two:
the far side.
a far cry (from). cry (def 27).
as far as. as1 (def 18).
by far,

by a great deal; very much:
too expensive by far.
plainly; obviously:
This melon is by far the ripest of the lot.

far and away, by far; undoubtedly:
She is far and away the smartest one in the class.
far and wide, to great lengths; over great distances:
He traveled far and wide in search of his missing son.
Also, far and near, near and far.
far be it from me, I do not wish or dare (to interrupt, criticize, etc.):
Far be it from me to complain, but it’s getting stuffy in here.
far out, Slang.

unconventional; offbeat:
His sense of humor is far out.
radical; extreme:
political opinions that are far out.
recondite or esoteric:
an interest in art that was considered far out.

few and far between. few (def 5).
go far,

to attain success:
With so much talent he should go far.
to have a great effect toward; help:
The new evidence will go far toward proving the defendant’s guilt.

how far, to what distance, extent, or degree:
She didn’t know how far they had gone in the mathematics text. How far do you think they can be trusted?
on the far side of. side1 (def 26).
so far,

up to now:
So far, I’ve had no reply to my request.
up to a certain point or extent:
We were able to plan only so far because of various factors beyond our control.

so far so good, succeeding or managing adequately to this point; doing well thus far:
The work is difficult, but so far so good.
the far side. side1 (def 29).
thus far,

up to the present; up to now:
We have met no resistance to our plan thus far.
to a particular degree, point, or extent:
When you get thus far in the experiment, consult with the professor.

Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

A Spirit in Prison Robert Hichens
Ancient Man Hendrik Willem van Loon
Bardelys the Magnificent Rafael Sabatini
Brave and Bold Horatio Alger
A Woman for Mayor Helen M. Winslow

adverb farther, further, farthest, furthest
at, to, or from a great distance
at or to a remote time: far in the future
to a considerable degree; very much: a far better plan
as far as

to the degree or extent that
to the distance or place of
(informal) with reference to; as for

by far, by a considerable margin
far and away, by a very great margin
far and wide, over great distances; everywhere
far be it from me, I would not presume; on no account: far be it from me to tell you what to do
far gone

in an advanced state of deterioration
(informal) extremely drunk

go far

to be successful; achieve much: your son will go far
to be sufficient or last long: the wine didn’t go far

go too far, to exceed reasonable limits
how far?, to what extent, distance, or degree?
in so far as, to the degree or extent that
so far

up to the present moment
up to a certain point, extent, degree, etc

so far, so good, an expression of satisfaction with progress made
adjective (prenominal)
remote in space or time: a far country, in the far past
extending a great distance; long
more distant: the far end of the room
a far cry

a long way
something very different

far from, in a degree, state, etc, remote from: he is far from happy
Federal Acquisition Regulations

far afield
far and away
far and near
far and wide
far be it from one to
far cry from, a
far from
far gone
far out


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