a person who believes in or sympathizes with .
(often initial capital letter) a member of a fascist movement or party.
a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.
Also, fascistic
[fuh-shis-tik] /fəˈʃɪs tɪk/ (Show IPA). of or like or fascists.
Contemporary Examples

The “fascist rule” Miller wrote about was the U.S. government—and his intended targets were broader than two police officers.
Hatriot Politics Created the Las Vegas Killers John Avlon June 9, 2014

The regime has, to date, never definitively weighed in on whether these troublesome critters had imperialist or fascist ties.
Who Will Maduro Blame for Venezuela’s Blackout This Time? Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez June 27, 2014

The Catholics had not forgiven her for denouncing the Spanish fascist dictator Franco.
‘Tricky Dick’ vs. the Pink Lady Sally Denton November 15, 2009

My results were: Kenya, 48.4 million; socialist, 26.2 million; fascist, 10.1 million.
The Daily Beast News Test: 10 Questions on the Newsmakers of 2011 Michael Tomasky December 30, 2011

But its legislative reaction is overwrought, and bordering on the fascist.
Say ‘Hell No’ to Arizona Tunku Varadarajan April 24, 2010

Historical Examples

The fascist state recognizes no inalienable right, and needs no consent from its people.
Proclaim Liberty! Gilbert Seldes

Iturbe is in constant touch with the fascist groups in Mexico City.
Secret Armies John L. Spivak

The fascist ideology cannot therefore look back to the Middle Ages, of which it is a complete negation.
Readings on Fascism and National Socialism Various

The fascist occupation forced the publication of this review to cease in 1941.
Area Handbook for Albania Eugene K. Keefe

We all know what this hypocritical neutrality really is; how it shields the vile aid that fascist Spain is lending to the Axis.
The Five Arrows Allan Chase

an adherent or practitioner of fascism
any person regarded as having right-wing authoritarian views
characteristic of or relating to fascism
a supporter or member of the Italian Fascist movement
of or relating to Italian Fascism

1921, from Italian partito nazionale fascista, the anti-communist political movement organized 1919 under Benito Mussolini (1883-1945); from Italian fascio “group, association,” literally “bundle” (see fasces).

With fascism, originally used in English in its Italian form, as an Italian word. [Fowler: “Whether this full anglicization of the words is worth while cannot be decided till we know whether the things are to be temporary or permanent in England” — probably an addition to the 1930 reprint, retained in 1944 U.S. edition.] Fasci “groups of men organized for political purposes” had been a feature of Sicily since c.1895, and the 20c. totalitatrian sense probably came directly from this, but influenced by the Roman fasces, which became the party symbol. Related: Fascistic.

Said of a computer system with excessive or annoying security barriers, usage limits, or access policies. The implication is that said policies are preventing hackers from getting interesting work done. The variant “fascistic” seems to have been preferred at MIT.
In the design of languages and other software tools, “the fascist alternative” is the most restrictive and structured way of capturing a particular function; the implication is that this may be desirable in order to simplify the implementation or provide tighter error checking. Compare bondage-and-discipline language, although that term is global rather than local.
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