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Fatty acid oxidation cycle

fatty acid oxidation cycle n.
The series of reactions by which fatty acids are metabolized by the body to produce energy.


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    noun 1. any of several long-chain alcohols from animals or plants, analogous to the fatty acids, used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, plastics, etc.

  • Fatty cirrhosis

    fatty cirrhosis n. Early nutritional cirrhosis, especially in alcoholics, in which the liver is enlarged by fatty change with mild fibrosis.

  • Fatty-degeneration

    noun, Pathology. 1. deterioration of the cells of the body, accompanied by the formation of fat globules within the diseased cells. noun 1. (pathol) the abnormal formation of tiny globules of fat within the cytoplasm of a cell fatty degeneration n. The accumulation of fat globules within the cells of an organ, such as the […]

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    fatty heart n.

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