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[fi-lis-i-tee] /fɪˈlɪs ɪ ti/

noun, plural felicities.
the state of being happy, especially in a high degree; bliss:
marital felicity.
an instance of this.
a source of happiness.
a skillful faculty:
felicity of expression.
an instance or display of this:
the many felicities of the poem.
Archaic. good fortune.
[fi-lis-i-tee] /fɪˈlɪs ɪ ti/
a female given name, form of .
noun (pl) -ties
happiness; joy
a cause of happiness
an appropriate expression or style
the quality or display of such expressions or style
(philosophy) appropriateness (of a speech act). The performative I appoint you ambassador can only possess felicity if uttered by one in whom the authority for such appointments is vested

late 14c., from Old French felicite (14c.) “happiness,” from Latin felicitatem (nominative felicitas) “happiness, fertility,” from felix (genitive felicis) “happy, fortunate, fruitful, fertile,” from Latin root *fe-, equivalent of PIE *dhe(i)- “to suck, suckle, produce, yield” (see fecund).


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