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[fet-lok] /ˈfɛtˌlɒk/

the projection of the leg of a horse behind the joint between the cannon bone and great pastern bone, bearing a tuft of hair.
the tuft of hair itself.
Also called fetlock joint. the joint at this point.
a projection behind and above a horse’s hoof: the part of the leg between the cannon bone and the pastern
Also called fetlock joint. the joint at this part of the leg
the tuft of hair growing from this part

early 14c., fetlak, from a Germanic source (cf. Dutch vetlock, Middle High German fizlach, German Fiszloch), perhaps related to the root of German fessel “pastern.”

The Middle English diminutive suffix -ok (from Old English -oc) was misread and the word taken in folk etymology as being a compound of feet and lock (of hair).


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