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[fin] /fɪn/

Irish Legend. a leader of the Fenian warriors and the father of Ossian: the subject of many legends.
[fyoon, fin] /fyun, fɪn/
noun, Irish Legend.
Neil (Mullane). born 1958, New Zealand singer and songwriter; lead singer with the group Crowded House (from 1985) with whom he recorded the albums Crowded House (1986), Woodface (1991), and Time on Earth (2007). Solo albums include Try Whistling This (1998)
a native, inhabitant, or citizen of Finland
a speaker of a Finnic language, esp one of the original inhabitants of Russia, who were pushed northwards during the Slav migrations
a type of dinghy, designed to be sailed by one person
known as Finn MacCool. (in Irish legend) chief of the Fianna, father of the heroic poet Ossian

Old English finnas, from Old Norse finnr, the Norsemen’s name for the Suomi. Some suggest a connection with fen. Attested in Tacitus as Fenni.

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