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  • Firelock

    [fahyuh r-lok] /ˈfaɪərˌlɒk/ noun 1. a gun having a in which the priming is ignited by sparks struck from flint and steel, as the flintlock musket. /ˈfaɪəˌlɒk/ noun 1. an obsolete type of gunlock with a priming mechanism ignited by sparks 2. a gun or musket having such a lock

  • Fireman

    [fahyuh r-muh n] /ˈfaɪər mən/ noun, plural firemen. 1. a person employed to extinguish or prevent fires; firefighter. 2. a person employed to tend fires; stoker. 3. Railroads. 4. U.S. Navy. an enlisted person assigned to the care and operation of a ship’s machinery. 5. British Mining. . 6. Baseball. . /ˈfaɪəmən/ noun (pl) -men […]

  • Fire-marshal

    noun 1. an official heading a bureau for the prevention or investigation of fires. 2. a person who has charge of the fire-prevention equipment and personnel of an industrial plant. noun (US) 1. a public official responsible for investigating the causes of fires, enforcing fire prevention laws, etc 2. the head of a fire prevention […]

  • Firenze

    [fee-ren-dze] /fiˈrɛn dzɛ/ noun 1. Italian name of . /fiˈrɛntse/ noun 1. the Italian name for Florence

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